Woman to Women


The Woman to Women Program is about bring the best out of women in all stages of life. WWP’s goal is to see the potential of every woman maximized to the standard for which God has intended.

The focus of this program is not just about where you have been, but where you are going. Your heart is the key to your future and getting to the heart of what matters most to you is a focus of the Woman to Women program.

What is different about The Woman to Women Program?

This program is about the spiritual first. Healing and restoration of the heart and soul is the integral part of success in any area of life and this is The Woman to Women Program’s #1 focus. It has been said, “Hurt people hurt people”, the premise of The Woman to Women Program is Healed people, heal people and a healed heart can heal nations.

Woman to Women’s second focus is to move women from striving through life to thriving in life. While the spiritual is our foundation, we must live (more than exist) in the practical world. With this understanding, how can you best do that? What are the biblical standards associated with your life situations and circumstances? Woman to Women Program is here to walk alongside every woman with support, love, and guidance in doing life God’s way.

One woman impacting the life of one woman can impact the lives of thousands of women, cultivating esteemed Women of Distinction and Excellence for God’s Glory.