Author Demetrica Michelle (Mathews), BS, MA

Life & Skills Coach, Entrepreneur, & Educator

Demetrica Mathews Blue back-no Glasses2is the CEO & Founder of Free Mind Publishing, Healing the Family Ministries, & the Woman to Women Program. Ms. Mathews has a Bachelor’s degree in Religion & Christian Counseling and a rising Master’s degree in Human Services Life Skills Coaching from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA. Demetrica enjoys the art of writing and assisting others in the self-publishing process. She has a heart of helping along with a passion for writing. Ms. Mathews has self-published seventeen books in various formats and does not plan to stop there. Demetrica has a powerful focus on building lives with purpose. Ms. Mathews is on the advisory board of Project CATCH – Community Action Targeting Children who are Homeless.  You can find and follow Demetrica Mathews on the following social media.



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