Grateful for the Yes & the No

I am grateful for God’s “yes” and His “no’s”. Take a look back at some of the things God told you yes about and some of the things you got a resounding no about.

Carefully look at them.

Objectively look at them.

Can you see how they would not have fit in the life you have now?

Can you see His grace for your life?

I can…I REALLY can!

I have been in relationships where I begged God to save a man so we could be married. I thought this would be well with my soul. God’s answer was a RESOUNDING NO! I have had job opportunities that seem like they would be the best job ever…on paper that is…Got there and it was literal hell on earth. I have wanted to purchase things like houses, cars, etc. but the answer was no.

The adversary would want you to feel cheated.

God never robbed me of nothing! He will never rob you. He is saving me every day of my life and yours too.

Well, looking back I could not be more grateful! God sees us for who He intends for us to be, not for who we are right now. Or for that matter who we were back then. This is a beautiful thing! If God is not answering a prayer for you the way you would like or if He is not answering at all…take heart.

Be grateful!

All things are truly working for your good (Romans 8:28). See, we have no idea what is best for us. We think we do but if we really look at the situation, objectively, I am sure we will come up with an “I don’t know” or an “I didn’t know”.

Trust God’s “Yes” and trust His “No”.

In the end, you will be grateful. I know that I am. Know every moment of your life is working for your good. It is God’s good intentions to give you the very best (Luke 12:32). When God says no it is only because there is a greater yes in process for you.

Wait on the YES!


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