The feel of a Writer…


Being who I am…always wanting to be prepared, if I can. I wondered how I should start my new blog. I did the research and felt it best to come from the heart of who I am…a writer. So, the feel of a Writer, I discovered is amazing and forever creative. I think of writing all the time, every day in fact. I am constantly hoping for calm in my life so that I can bask in the place writers go to create, the mind and heart. To just stay there as long as I possibly can.

Do you wonder if you are a writer? If you are up to the task? You will know it because that is all you see when you look out in a crowd. Your next story emerges. The interest in words become overwhelming. Have you ever felt a pen in your hand even when there was not one? Well, I have. Writing is my purpose. It is my plan, the one given to me by God. Yes. I am one who believes deeply in the existence of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I am a Christian Author/Writer. It is an increasingly powerful thing to be able to dwell in the love of God and create.

Writing to me is an art of bring words together to create depth, meaning, and to connect with the soul. I do believe that words have power. They have power to create, destroy, build up, and tear down. They are all unique and possess amazing character. Bring them together is like conducting a symphony from the stance of a one man/woman band. The amazing connection of words is like the art placed on a canvas, the interpretation is up to the reader.

This is my perspective, my angle, my perception. This is my feel of being a writer.



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